Ignace Ragaa


Home World: Voidborn – Chartist
Career Path: Adept
Rank: Churgeon (4)
Divination: “There are no civilians in the battle for survival.” (+2 T, +1 W)
Quirk: Widely spaced eyes.
Gender: Male
Build: Gaunt
Height: 1.81 m
Weight: 60 kg
Skin Colour: Blueish
Hair Colour: Copper
Eye Colour: Black
Age: 28
Current Throne Gelt ($): 6
Monthly Income: 130
Total Wounds (W): 10
Current Fate Points (FP): 3
Total Fate Points (FP): 3
Experience Points Left To Spend (Exp): 0
Experience Points Spent (Exp): 2000

Weapon Skill (WS): 32
Ballistic Skill (BS): 34
Strength (S): 30
Toughness (T): 32
Agility (Ag): 31
Intelligence (Int): 41
Perception (Per): 33
Willpower (WP): 46
Fellowship (Fel): 28

Basic Skills (aside from defaults):

Logic (Int) {Trained}
Navigator [Stellar] (Int)
Pilot [Spacecraft] (Ag)

Advanced Skills:

Common Lore [Administratum] (Int)
Common Lore [Ecclesiarchy] (Int)
Common Lore [Imperium] (Int)
Drive [Ground Vehicle] (Ag)
Drive [Hover Vehicle] (Ag)
Forbidden Lore [Cults] (Int)
Forbidden Lore [Heresy] (Int)
Literacy (Int) {+20}
Pilot [Civilian Craft] (Ag)
Scholastic Lore [Bureaucracy] (Int)
Scholastic Lore [Legend] (Int)
Scholastic Lore [Occult] (Int)
Speak Language [Low Gothic]
Speak Language [High Gothic]
Trade [Copyist] (Int)

Talents, Traits, Mutations:

Charmed: Whenever you spend a Fate Point (though not if you burn one), roll a 1d10. On the roll of a natural 9, you do not lose the Fate Point.
Electro Graft Use
Ill-Omened: You take a -5 penalty on all Fellowship Tests made to interact with non-void born humans.
Light Sleeper
Shipwise: Navigation [Stellar] (Int) and Pilot [Spacecraft] (Ag) are Basic Skills for you.
Void-Accustomed: You are immune to space travel sickness. In addition, zero-gravity environments are not considered Difficult Terrain for you.

Stub-Revolver & Holster, Bullets (x26)
Writing Kit & Autoquill
Illuminated Tome
Administratum Robes


Ignace Ragaa

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